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Storyboard Podcast: Learning the Nerdist Way

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  • Wired

Storyboard Podcast: Learning the Nerdist Way

You’re underprepared for a job interview and tank it, hard. Rather than refocusing and working toward next time, there’s one thought on your mind — holding up pimps in the latest Grand Theft Auto that night.

TV personality, podcast host and author Chris Hardwick found himself in that exact situation. After some success with the game show Singled Out, which he hosted with Jenny McCarthy, and the dating show Shipmates, he fell on hard times. Coping with personal issues and struggling to find relevant work, Hardwick got a shoutout from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Time to turn to his nerd roots for a new direction.

He bounced back, going on to host Wired Science and AMC’s Talking Dead while building his new Nerdist empire.

Hardwick wrote in depth about the lessons he had learned in The Nerdist Way, a self-help book spiked with nerdy indulgences. Wired’s November issue features an excerpt from the book. When Hardwick came to town, he joined Adam Rogers on this week’s Storyboard. The two discussed the value of Shipmates, the power of embracing geekdom, today’s entertainment industry and Hardwick’s next projects.

Listening won’t guarantee you the same success Hardwick has found, but your inner nerd will be glad for his advice.


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