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[How To] Downgrade iOS 5.0.1 To 5.0 With Saved SHSH

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Apple recently released iOS 5.0.1 and the jailbreak community has been advised to not upgrade. Pod2g recently found an exploit that may help to provide an untethered jailbreak and this exploit is patched on iOS 5.0.1. If you like many are seeking to use an untethered jailbreak, it would be wise to stay on iOS 5.0 because thats where the untethered jailbreak will be. For those of you who accidentally upgraded or unknowingly upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 you may be wondering how to downgrade back to iOS 5.0. In this case, you may downgrade if you have an SHSH previously saved. To do so, follow the procedure outlined below: Required Files and Software Downgrade iOS 5.0.1 To iOS 5.0 With Saved SHSH Connect your iPhone to your computer and open TinyUmbrella. Click on Save SHSH (the iOS 5 SHSH will only show if you have it saved previously). Once saved, close TinyUmbrella. Open RedSn0w 0.9.9b8 and go to Extras > SHSH Blobs > then click Submit (it will open a window). Here, browse to the Saved SHSH file (which is in the directory C:/User/Acount Name/.shsh folder. (the saved SHSH file for iOS 5.0) After submitting it, you will see the Blobs Submission Report. Now click on Stich, give it the same SHSH file (which you previously submitted) and give the SHSH file, then the iOS 5.0 IPSW file. Wait for it to complete. Now open TinyUmbrella and go to the Advanced tab. Here, check all the boxes and then close it. Now restore the Stiched IPSW file with iTunes in DFU mode. Voila – you’re done! At this point we would recommend staying on iOS 5.0 and waiting for further news from the jailbreak community devs. For those of you who do NOT have an SHSH file saved, you are currently out of luck. If you are on iOS 5.0.1, your current option is to jailbreak utilizing RedSn0w 0.9.9b8 or Sn0wbreeze 2.8b11. This jailbreak will be a tethered jailbreak, which means that you will have to connect your iOS device to your computer and “just boot” utilizing the software for every time you need to boot. You can download BigBoss’s Semi-Tether package from Cydia to help ease the pain of a tethered jailbreak. The Semi-Tether allows you to boot your iOS device and use all the stock applications until you can “just boot” with your computer as opposed to being stuck on the boot logo. As of right now, it is a decent alternative to allow you to use your iOS device for main functions. Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or subscribing to our RSS feed.   Authors:
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