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Exclusive: Kinect Hack Yields Morphing Music Video for Cassettes Won't Listen's 'Stuck'

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Monochromatic images captured by an Xbox Kinect and filmed by an iPhone morph and mutate in the new music video from Cassettes Won’t Listen.

The “Stuck” video, created by artist Mike Low and premiered exclusively above, is built using data fed from the Kinect to his Mac, then transformed into visuals using software like Cocoa Kinect and KinectToStl.

“I saw other videos on the net using this technique, and thought I’d like to make something a little more beefy,” Low said in an e-mail to

The resulting clip gives a Max Headroom-esque 3-D feel — complete with sunglasses and stuttering head-bobs — to the track’s electronic pop sound.

Since the Kinect-hacking programs he used to build the images would not produce actual movie files, Low couldn’t easily edit them together for the video. So he improvised, recording the images dancing on his computer screen with his iPhone.

Low, who is based in New York, began investigating Kinect hacks because he was looking for ways to scan objects to make 3-D mesh for computer numerical control machining. However, when the videogame accessory didn’t produce scans with high enough resolutions for his purposes, Low put the tools to use creating the video for “Stuck,” the latest single from Cassettes Won’t Listen’s album Evinspacey.

Jason Drake, the one-man band who makes electronic music under the name Cassettes Won’t Listen, said he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Most of my videos from this latest record are based around a narrative and follow a set story line,” e-mailed Drake, who is based in Los Angeles. “This video was much more focused on experimenting and using the technology in a way it wasn’t intended.”

See the finished video for “Stuck” above. Added bonus: Check out Cassettes Won’t Listen’s aural-pleasure cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” below.

Cassettes Won’t Listen — “Ordinary World” (Duran Duran Cover) by Cassettes Won’t Listen


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