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Fail: What We Got Wrong About Saving Apple

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  • 12:30 pm  | 
  • Wired November 2011

Photo: Daniel Salo; stamp: Yee-haw Industries

Back in 1997, when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, Wired offered the company 101 suggestions for turning things around. Some were great: Stay in retail, go wireless, make proprietary software, port the OS to the Intel platform, and give Jobs “as much authority as he wants in new product development.” But many of our ideas were awful. For example:

  • “Admit it, you’re out of the hardware game.”
    If Apple had listened to us, there’d be no MacBook Air, no iPhone, no iPad.
  • “Sell yourself to IBM or Motorola.”
    That could have meant a world where Apple was now a division of Google. Whoa.
  • “Relocate the company to Bangalore and make it cheap, cheap, cheap.”
    Apple shifted manufacturing to Asia, but HQ is still in Cupertino. And its products are still expensive, expensive, expensive.
  • “Abandon the Mach operating system you just acquired and run Windows NT kernel instead.”
    You could write a geek graduate thesis on all of the ways that this was a terrible suggestion.
  • “Team up with Sony.”
    Yeah, because Sir Howard Stringer really seems to have a handle on things. What were we thinking?


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