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End of an Era: Chrome Surpasses Firefox

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End of an Era: Chrome Surpasses Firefox

For the first time Chrome Beats Firefox on

Once the darling of the tech set, Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is no longer the perennially #2 underdog of the web.

According to StatCounter, a web analytics company tracking browser market share, Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used web browser in the world.

For the first time Chrome also managed to beat out Firefox to become the most used web browser among both and readers.

StatCounter claims that for November 2011 Chrome accounted for 25.69 percent of browsers on the web while Firefox trailed it by the tiniest of margins at 25.23 percent. Both still pale in comparison to Internet Explorer’s 40.63 percent market share.

As Mark Twain noted there are lies, damn lies and statistics. StatCounter’s numbers should most definitely be taken with a grain of salt. NetMarketshare, which also tracks browser usage, still shows Firefox nearly four percent ahead of Chrome globally.

That said, the traffic split between Firefox and Chrome at both and nearly mirrors StatCounter’s numbers. The main difference around here is that both browsers beat Internet Explorer. But for the first time in a very long time, Firefox is not the most used browser among Webmonkey readers. Last month Chrome accounted for 32.14 percent of users while Firefox trailed just behind at at 31.06 percent.


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