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3 Wired Science Bloggers Honored in Best-of Anthology

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3 Wired Science Bloggers Honored in Best-of Anthology

Posts by three Wired Science bloggers have made it into Open Laboratory, an annual anthology of the web’s best science blogging.

Fans of science blogs submitted 720 posts for review. In addition to one poem, editors chose 50 science blog posts — including one each by Wired Science Blogs authors David Dobbs, Maryn McKenna and Brian Switek.

Switek, who delves into paleontological findings for his blog Laelaps, garnered attention for a post that pieces together the rich history of dodo bird reconstructions. (Read “The Dodo is Dead, Long Live the Dodo!“)

At Dobbs’ Neuron Culture blog, Open Laboratory reviewers selected a post that chronicled a man’s quest to make his late father’s scientific publications available to the public. (Read “Free Science, One Paper at a Time“)

Superbug blogger Maryn McKenna won for reporting on the CIA’s sham vaccine operation designed to obtain Osama bin Laden’s DNA. (Read “File Under WTF: Did the CIA Fake a Vaccination Campaign?“)

Science blogger Bora Zivkovic (A Blog Around the Clock) organized the first annual Open Laboratory anthology in 2006, making this year’s the sixth.  In addition to Zivkovic, blogger Jennifer Ouellette (Cocktail Party Physics) — both of whom are hosted by Scientific American — worked together to select the 51 winning entries.

The Wired Science Blogs network launched in 2010 and, in addition to the Open laboratory winners, hosts blogs by Rhett Allain, Kristian von Bengston, Erik Klemetti, Jonah Lehrer and Brian Romans that cover geology, neuroscience, physics and more.

Image: Left to right: David Dobbs, Neuron Culture; Brian Switek, Laelaps; Maryn McKenna, Superbug (Dave Mosher/

3 Wired Science Bloggers Honored in Best-of AnthologyDave Mosher is a contributor and freelance journalist obsessed with space, physics, biology, technology and more. He lives in New York City. G+
Follow @davemosher and @wiredscience on Twitter.


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