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10 Geekiest Gifts in Reddit's Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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Star Trek Kindle Sleeve

When the fine folks at reddit launch a Secret Santa gift exchange, you can bet that the resulting presents will be as geeky and varied as the reddit community itself.

Nearly 40,000 people in 113 countries are participating in this year's edition of RedditGifts — a huge leap from the 17,000 who took part in the anonymous gift exchange last year. The annual event, which the reddit team is trying to get named Largest Online Secret Santa by Guinness World Records, began collecting participants Nov. 1. Secret Santas started sending their gifts Monday and many folks are already receiving their presents.

From candy and Catan: Seafarers to glass pipes, participants are getting and sending all kinds of great gifts.

"I got a handmade Kindle sleeve! A Star Trek Kindle sleeve!... I'm smitten," wrote redditer ashleygee after receiving her gift (above). "And now my Kindle can boldly go where no man has gone before!"

Check out even more great geeky presents in the gallery above, and think long and hard about whether those socks you're getting your uncle really even hold a candle. (Disclosure: Wired.com and reddit are corporate cousins.)


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