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Storyboard Podcast: The Not-So-Special Agent

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  • 5:31 pm  | 
  • Wired

Storyboard Podcast: The Not-So-Special Agent

Joshua Davis has written some of Wired’s favorite pieces of narrative journalism, the kind of stories that read like fiction—science fiction, usually—but are absolutely true.

His latest article, in the December issue, has the feel of a Coen Brothers movie (with a little Farrelly Brothers thrown in there for good measure). “Dave Sanders, Not So Special Agent,” follows the tale of a fiber-optics executive turned gun-toting, body-armor wearing, jumpsuit-clad defender of justice. And that’s just in the first third of the piece.

Davis joins host Adam Rogers on this week’s Storyboard to tell this unbelievable tale of a geek vigilante and to talk about how Davis accomplishes his you-are-there, inside-the-heads-of-characters writing. Davis also talks about how those characters feel after the story comes out.

Don’t take any of this as an endorsement of DIY special ops, by the way. Some things are best left to professionals.


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