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San Francisco Police Assist Apple To Recover 'Lost Item'

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San Francisco Police Assist Apple To Recover 'Lost Item'

Last year, we saw another iPhone prototype go missing, but it quickly found its way online.

After reports that Apple investigators were acting as San Francisco police officers arose, SFPD has admitted to cooperating with Apple to help the Cupertino company locate a missing iPhone prototype.

The SFPD has issued an official statement regarding their involvement in the case, which involved six people showing up to the home of Bay Area resident Sergio Calderón. Police department representatives previously said they had no knowledge of the incident, and no police report had been filed. The San Francisco Police Department’s official statement regarding the matter is below.

After speaking with Apple representatives, we were given information which helped us determine what occurred. It was discovered that Apple employees called Mission Police station directly, wanting assistance in tracking down a lost item. Apple had tracked the lost item to a house located in the 500 block of Anderson Street. Because the address was in the Ingleside Police district Apple employees were referred to Officers in the Ingleside district. Four SFPD Officers accompanied Apple employees to the Anderson street home. The two Apple employees met with the resident and then went into the house to look for the lost item. The Apple employees did not find the lost item and left the house.

The Apple employees did not want to make an official report of the lost item.

Last week, CNET reported that a next generation iPhone prototype had been lost in a San Francisco bar in late July. Apple representatives used the device’s GPS to track it to a Bernal Heights home, where six individuals arrived to inquire about the device. Three members of the team flashed badges, and two were given permission to enter and search the home. No device was found; Calderón said he had no knowledge of it, but was at the bar the night the device was said to be lost. The phone was reportedly sold on Craigslist for $200.

As this story has unfolded, SF Weekly reports that three or four members of the team that visited Calderón’s home were in fact San Francisco police officers, while two — the two that searched the house — were apparently Apple employees (according to Calderón, none of the individuals identified themselves as Apple employees when they visited the home). One of the Apple employees was identified a former cop named Anthony Colon after leaving his phone number with Calderón.

Last year, another iPhone prototype was lost at a bar. After being found, it was sold to Gawker Media for $5,000.

According to an email tip, the lost phone in this instance may have been purchased by a Fort Worth, Texas resident. Wired has reached out and is investigating the validity of the tip.


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