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Gadget Lab Podcast: Nokia Windows Phones, iOS 5 Newsstand and Google TV

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This week on the Gadget Lab Podcast: The gang talks about Nokia’s latest troop deployments in the smartphone battlefield, the Steve Jobs biography, the success of iOS 5’s Newsstand app, and a big new update to Google TV set top boxes.

Staff writers Mike Isaac and Christina Bonnington open the show discussing Nokia’s just-announced Lumia series, which runs the new Mango version of Windows Phone, and comes in two flavors: the 710 and the 800 (the latter is a ringer for the Nokia N9 that we saw last week). In the past, Nokia has mostly stuck with the “dumb phone” market, so this is the company’s big foray into the smartphone field.

Next, Mike and Christina talk about Steve Jobs’ biography, the heavily leaked tome that debuted on Monday. The duo then chat about a new feature in iOS 5 called Newsstand, which is proving  to be a huge success for digital publishers — this despite flak from some iOS aficionados.

We finish off the show this week with Mike and Gadget Lab editor Jon Phillips talking about Google’s big update to Google TV. The “next version” of software for the set-top box brings some much-needed improvements to the system, including a revamped UI, the availability of Android apps, a redesigned YouTube experience and more. The Google TV update will roll out to Sony devices first, starting next week, followed by Logitech hardware.

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Or listen to the audio below:

Gadget Lab audio podcast #130

Gadget Lab Podcast: Nokia Windows Phones, iOS 5 Newsstand and Google TVChristina is a staff writer covering Apple, robotics, and everything in between. She's also written for Gizmodo and Wired magazine. Check out her Google+ profile here.
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